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Traveling and Working do not mix

I do not know how people do it!

Work and travel in the same time!

When I travel somewhere I would love to get to see everything to do with that place, but how can you do that when you are supposed to work 8 hours a day (at least)?

And how are you supposed to do that when you have nothing but work on your mind?

I got to find another job, or a better way to time manage my time.

Or just to chillax….

I really need to relax.


Not again!

Why do the people who write-up the daily prompts; enjoy this topic? It upsets me to think of such times.

It hurts!

Well, today’s “365 writing prompts” challenge said:

Helplessness, that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that? And what did you do about it?

What are the chances? Fate? Coincidence? That today’s writing challenge prompt would be about Helplessness.

When did I last feel like THAT?

That was a simple question to ask and not so hard to answer.
Tonight, when I got the news that my dear dear dear grandmother passed away.

I felt so helpless,
Nothing I do will make her come back,
Nothing I do will make things better.
I felt so helpless,
just another mere mortal,
having to part with my dearest people to death.
I felt so helpless,
just another mere mortal,
taken over by the unknown
and surrendering to death one day
to join many others before me.
Nothing will help me to feel better and lose this feeling of helplessness.

Maybe only the faith in a better life and a better world after death, and my sheer determination to live my life to the best, (the way I would like it to be) can help me go through it.

Christmas won’t be Christmas!

My 5th post into the 365 writing challenge of 2014, was for me to write the first sentence from my favourite book into a post.

I had a hard time choosing a book, I LOVE to read and it is not fair to say I have one specific favourite book.

In the end, I chose “Little Women

And the first sentence in the book said:

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,” grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.

With the Coptic Christmas after two days, it was such an amazing coincidence and a great time to wish my friends Merry Christmas 😀

Stroke of Midnight! Welcome 2014!

I am blessed to remember I have the greatest support and loving system backing me up all the time.

I was lucky to spend New Year’s Eve with my family.

IMG-20131231-WA0002I would not have ever wished for a better way to spend it 😀


Egypt Roads

Egypt Roads: A trip you will never forget…
A trip that will leave a permanent mark onto your memories…
A trip through hell as the author called it

Egyptian Streets

The first thing a visitor to Egypt will learn is its national anthem: car horns. Egyptian traffic is notorious for it. They use car horns to say “Hello”, to warn “Watch out I am merging into your lane whether you like it or not,” and to shout “Why are you stopped at a traffic light!”‘ Speaking of traffic lights, Egypt only has a handful – yes the country that invented the precision-engineered Pyramids has not yet adopted traffic lights.

The impact of the chaos on Egyptian roads leads to more than 10,000 traffic-related deaths per year. Accidents range from civilians being crushed by lorries while crossing the street, to train colliding into vehicles – such as Assiut’s school bus disaster which killed 51 children.

Chaotic conditions on Egypt’s streets are not solely due to the lack of proper infrastructure, but are the direct result of a lack of order. Following the revolution…

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