Things I want to do :D ((One Day))

1- Riding:

(a) Horse

(b) Camel (accomplished Jan, 2011)

(c) Elephant (accomplished Apr, 2010)

2- Travel:

(a) Spain

(b) New Zealand

(c) Bolivia

(d) Japan

(e) Britain

(f) China

(g) Romania

(h) Maldives

(i) Philippines

(j) Vietnam

(k) USA (accomplished September 2013)

(l) Kenya (accomplished November 2013)

3- Visit the seven wonders of the world (the old ones) (Pyramids)

4- Write a book

5- Learn Spanish

6- Learn Chinese

7- Learn Japanese

8- Visit NASA

9- Go to SPACE

10- Learn to dance hip-hop

11- learn to dance Salsa  (is learning the main steps enough to consider it accomplished?)

12- Go Bungee Jumping

13- Have my own Website (is having your own blog considered a website?)

14- Go on a Marathon

15- Learn about Archaeology

16- Go on an excavation site

17- Go to the “Around the world in 80 days” mentioned sites

18- See  all the art mentioned in Dan Brown’s Stories

19- Visit the Louvre

20- Scuba Dive in Sharm El Sheikh

21- Learn how to scuba dive (accomplished: introduction class in Bali, June, 2010)

22- Ride a motorcycle (like the dark angel one )

23- Watch the most running play in history (Agatha Christie’s Mouse Trap) (accomplished 2002, was done at school)

24- Go on a detective hunt or mission

25- Go on a ghost hunt

26- Go down the amazon river on a boat

27- Climb the Himalayas

28- Learn how to Ski

29- Learn how to ice-skate

30- Watch a Broadway show in New York

31- Go on the famous San Fransisco Bridge (accomplished September 2013)

32- Visit the Vatican City

33- See El Kaaba, go on Pilgrimage.

34- Drive a racing car on a race track

35- Go to a formula one race

36- Attend a FIFA World Cup Championship 

37- Attend the Olympics

38- Go to a Paris Fashion Show

39- Visit all the American States (three down, 47 to go)

40- Go around seeing everything in Egypt (Definitely Do NOT want to be a tourist in my own Country)

41- Own a 4 by 4

42- Collect all Agatha Christies’s books

43- Collect all Enid Blyton’s books

44- Go Sky-Diving

45- Work in  NGO (accomplished: worked in AIESEC)

46- Work in a local NGO

47- Go to the Opera (accomplished 2007)

48- Plan a Wedding

49- Open my own shop

50- Make a Malaysia Scrapbook

51- Make a Germany Scrapbook

52- Make a Memoirs Scrapbook

53- Collect all CSI episodes, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York.

54- Collect all Prince of Bel Air episodes

55- Collect all NCIS episodes

56- Collect all Bones

55- Collect all Conan the detective episodes 😛 (for the kid with in 😀 )

56- Work or participate in National Geographic project

57- Work in an Environmental NGO.

58- Go on an Air balloon ride.

59- Go on a EURO TRIP.

60- Get more fit.

61- Make an USA scrap-book.

*Freshly edited on the 5th of January, 2014*

4 thoughts on “Things I want to do :D ((One Day))

    1. your welcome to do so…
      I keep on adding to them alot……
      some I already got to do…..
      but need to blog about it soon i guess 😀
      would check your blog to see your list 😉

      1. No list on my blog, just my imaginary list for now 😉
        Fascinated with Egyption history so visiting Egypt would be close to the top of my list.

      2. then if you ever get to visit EGYPT
        you gotta tell me!
        took my friends around from Cairo to Hurghada (on the Red Sea) to Luxor and Aswan last winter…
        we had a blast of an adventure….
        so maybe I can point out for you great places and what can be done

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