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The World’s Greatest Ghosts (12/50)

Quoting a friend of mine:

Why did I do this to myself?

Obviously from the title; my 12th book I successfully completed in my 2013 Reading Challenge was simply about ghosts.
And as it sounds; it did not disappoint, it delivered and scared the hell out of me.
At one point; I honestly could not read anything from the book before I sleep, which is one of the my few pleasures I like to do before I go to bed.
Anyway; one of the stories stuck to me; the one about the Lady Bohemia (I think that is what she was called); a lady ghost that roamed around the house of her relatives, and actually taking care of them. That is definitely the correct definition of a friendly ghost. 😉 It gave me goosebumps.



By the Pricking of My Thumbs (11/50)

My eleventh book was nothing but for one of my favourite authors; Agatha Christie :D, actually she might be my favourite and not one of them. 😉

I have to admit it is my first Tommy and Tuppence books; even though this seems to be number 4 of their adventures; according to Goodreads; but I just love Tuppence and her natural instincts to solving mystery (when usually she does not know she is on to something :D)

Everything was so muddled up with each other, my guesses were not even close to actual truth.

I really enjoyed my 11th book 😀

The Night of the Mi’raj (8/50)

The night of the Mi'rajI quote my own review from Goodreads:


I enjoyed reading this book. Even though somehow I misplaced it and just found it again yesterday. It has this spell to pull you in again. Motivating me to keep on reading and finishing it gladly

I do not know how I came by such a book, but anything with a mystery in its plot attracts me like opposite poles on a magnet.
I like the idea where the author reveals the mysteries of living in a strictly repressive Rich Saudi Arabian society.
Many things were totally new for me when I am an Egyptian myself; I would have thought our lives would be similar but it was not even close (I do not mean to be horrible; but I am thankful for that).

In conclusion; this is a book that I recommend for mystery fans to read, especially if you are interested in getting to learn a little about a culture different from yours.

This officially make my number 8 our of 50 in my 2013 Reading Challenge.

book 8-50


Zeina (7/50)


I have recently finished this book, a while ago to be honest, when I was back in Kuwait (my latest business trip)

I won’t talk about it much since I did not like it that much.

Like I said in my review of it; “It is not my kind of open-mindedness”

The only positive point I can say about this book; is how it is narrated, however I still did not like it; the author made the characters all seem crazy. At least to me.

I never regretted reading a certain novel and I do not regret reading this one, even though I lean more towards regretting it.

Back to a  positive note; this book counts to my number 7 book of 50 books read in 2013 challenge
Yayy Me 😉



Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost





“All that is gold does not glitter, 
Not all those who wander are lost; 
The old that is strong does not wither, 
Deep roots are not reached by the frost. 

From the ashes a fire shall be woken, 
A light from the shadows shall spring; 
Renewed shall be blade that was broken, 
The crownless again shall be king.” 
― J.R.R Tolkien, Lord Of The Ring