If you already read my page called: “Things I care about“, you would know how much I love to read!

SO decided to make a page just for it 😀

Where you will get to see other pages / posts about a new book I read.

Or about a magazine I read (P.S: my favourite magazine to read and I recommend bit time is NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC). Sometimes when I read an article and I like it or disagree with it, or simply just found it interesting, I end up feeling the urge to write about it :D, and I DO.

And a special page dedicated for my favourite mystery/crime author ever: AGATHA CHRISTIE. The page would have a list with the books I already own and off course read already.

A page especially for Enid Blyton. I remember the days when I used to borrow any of the FAMOUS FIVE books to read from my school library.

A page especially for Roald Dahl 😀 Who doesn’t know and NOT like Charlie and the chocolate factory? or James and the Giant Peach? Or Matilda 😀

If you need some help to find your next book to read :D, I am recommending you to check this websites:

1- What should I read next?

2- Whichbook

3- Or just create an account on Shelfari 😀

4- Or on GOODREADS 😉

*Freshly edited on 12th of September, 2012*

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