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Traveling and Working do not mix

I do not know how people do it!

Work and travel in the same time!

When I travel somewhere I would love to get to see everything to do with that place, but how can you do that when you are supposed to work 8 hours a day (at least)?

And how are you supposed to do that when you have nothing but work on your mind?

I got to find another job, or a better way to time manage my time.

Or just to chillax….

I really need to relax.

Big disappointment

How much I was shocked and upset for being refused to be issued the VISA to the UK?

I was so upset, to the point of hating anything that reminded me of Britain and London.

None-the-less, even though I was disappointed, that did not stop me from planning new trips and travel plans.

I already have one being planned on the 25th of April.

May it work and pass by smoothly…

May it work 😦

In need of a vacation…

Never Ever or Never Say Never?

Today’s Daily Prompt: No, Thanks stated:

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

I LOVE to travel and have this dream of visiting every single country in the world.
There isn’t a place that comes in my mind that I do not want to visit; if we are talking about travel and so on.

But there is this place I would say; I would NEVER travel to but WANT to. I do not want to visit Israel but I do want to visit Palestine.
I am not trying to talk about politics and will not;
just felt it,
thought it
and wrote it out.


Titantic II Replica to Recreate Titanic Journey

Titantic II Replica to Recreate Titanic Journey | TIME.com.

The moment I hear the word Titanic and the movie theme song springs to my head; “Near…. Far….Where ever you are…” 😀

It seems that some rich guy is building a duplicate of the real Titanic, an all brand new replica. It should be able to set sail in 2016 crossing the Atlantic Ocean just as the original one did before it.

From the press release it seems the passengers will be able to go back in time with costumes and all, and even no television no internet disclosure. 

I am only curious to see if it will be destined to failure to attract interest to it as a touristic cruise ship, or of more a horrible destiny as the “unsinkable” Titanic.


UK ~ the day of my application

So, at last it was the day … THE DAY… the day I had my application interview for the UK visa.

It was the 8th of October, a MONDAY.

I got up calm and got ready… the moment I got into the car, panic controlled me. I did not know exactly how to go to the place I am going to. Therefore; the smart thing was to use my GPS navigation system on my phone.

GUESS what happened!

It wasn’t updated….. and hell! How could it update as fast as the stupid streets in Cairo gets changed?

I kept on getting further away than to the place I want to go to. I started to panic; my interview time was supposed to be at 10:45…Oh God! Another blocked street, traffic jams everywhere I tried to go.

Application or not!

Interview or not!

I simply do NOT like to be LATE!

When I reached the point of totally giving up; I asked a police officer for the directions and guess what???????? I was just a block away from it.

That is when I knew I had the forces with me 😛

I took the next right; gave my keys to this made up valet parking place. It was a bit risky to do that. But I took a chance.

I raced up into the building, took the elevator to the first floor. The moment I laid my eyes on the clock…….. I was shocked… it was only 10:15….


I entered happily; I signed in.. literally signed on a paper next to my name to enter, they took my bag and gave me all the needed papers.

I entered; it was nearly EMPTY, it was so different from the USA embassy visa applications (which was horribly and annoyingly crowded). I enjoyed that.

I waited for my turn; gave in all my papers, paid for the money to pick up my passports from the center and then went to get my fingerprints and my picture taken.

That did not take 30 minutes from me. So, I got to leave by 10:45 am the time I was supposed to come.

Before I leave I was told that it should take 15 days.
They did not tell me anything about if I got accepted or not as in the USA visa.
And I stupidly forgot to ask is that 15 normal days or 15 WORKING days… it makes all the difference.

Well! All I can do now……….. is WAIT and keep on checking and track my application online…… 😀 😉