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The Past is the Past

I do not want things to be the same.
I do not want things to return like it was.

I just do not want to be here anymore.


Long time no write!

It has been a while since I last wrote in my blog!

2014 has been pretty hard on me and my family!

Not pretty! Horribly hard!

Thanks to a friend who just started her own blog, she kind of forced me back to WordPress.
I checked her posts to support her.
And thought, why did I stop doing it.
I need to write more! It helped me a lot!


Here is a thanks to a great friend, who I believe in deeply! And will always try to show her my support :D:


you Go Girl!

My Reading Challenge (5/25)

Fourth Update: (5 done from the list, 20 to go)
  • 1. Read a classicEmma ~ Jane Austen
  • 2. Read a ‘banned‘ book. The Mysterious Stranger ~ Mark Twain
  • 3. Re-read a book from your childhood. The Secret Garden ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • 4. Re-read a book you read at school/university/college as required reading. Jane Eyre ~ Charlotte Bronte
  • 5. Read a book that you have been meaning to but have never gotten around to reading. Persuasion ~ Jane Austen
  • 6. Read a biography of someone you don’t know or may only know a little about. The Diary of a Young Girl ~ Anne Frank
  • 7. Read a modern classicTo Kill a Mockingbird ~ Harper Lee
  • 8. Read a book in a genre you normally wouldn’t choose. Mockingjay ~ Suzanne Collins
  • 9. Read a book that is based on or has been turned into a TV show. Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales
  • 10. Read a book that was adapted into a movie you have seen. Lord of the flies
  • 11. Read a book suggested to you by someone you know. The Casual Vacancy ~ J.K.Rowling
  • 12. Read a book based ENTIRELY on the cover (You are not allowed to read the blurb/synopsis first). The Secret Keeper ~ Kate Horton
  • 13. Read a book that is not necessarily marketed for you (ie your age group/gender etc). World War Z
  • 14. Read a book by an author you have never heard of/never read or you don’t particularly like (would normally avoid). The Alexandria Link ~ Steve Berry
  • 15. Read a book that is not in a typical novel style (e.g. a book of poetry, diary/letter based book, play, graphic novel). Wolverine Origins
  • 16. Read a book by one of your favorite authors. Parker Pyne Investigates ~ Agatha Christie
  • 17. Read a non-fiction book. Howard Carter. The Path to TutanKhamun
  • 18. Read the first book in a series you have never read. The Bad Beginning ~ “A series of unfortunate events”
  • 19. Read a book you gave up on reading in the past. A Feast for Crows
  • 20. Read a book from a foreign country. The Girl Who Played Go ~ Shan Sa.
  • 21. Read a book (not necessarily a memoir/autobiography but they are fine too) written by a famous person you like (not normally authors). Palo Alto ~ James Franco
  • 22. Read a book to learn something new (a language, a country, recipes, crafts, event). Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt
  • 23. Read an bind-up, omnibus, anthology or a collection of short stories. The Best of Roald Dahl. Perfect Bedtime Stories for those who Relish Sleepless Nights.
  • 24. Re-read one of your all time favorite books. The Hobbit
  • Bonus: Place a collection of book titles you own/want to read into a hat and draw one out at random. Read it. Absent in the Spring ~ Agatha Christie

The Casual Vacancy (4/50)

One of the main reasons I chose to read J.K Rowling‘s “The Casual Vacancy“, was that she was J.K Rowling the creator of an amazing magical world which I brought up reading in my teens, HARRY POTTER.
Another reason; I thought it was a murder-mystery solving novel.

If you ever thought of reading this book based on these reasons; you will be disappointed.
The Casual Vacancy
The Casual Vacancy

is nothing magical, nothing mysterious and nothing that needs to be solved for certain.
It is the normal social drama of an English town; as real as it can get.
It is a strong mixture of human character.
It is full of family drama, neighbor drama, friends drama, schools drama,  and any labelled social drama you can think of in one town.
You can find nearly everything in it, from teenagers, to sex, to drug abuse, to rape, to cyber bullying, to domestic violence, to cheating; to death to another death and to more deaths.
J.K Rowling was able to portray the characters in such an ordinary way that you would love the people and in another moment hate them completely.

No one was BLACK. No one was WHITE. Everyone was GREY.

Even the character, Barry Fairbrother, whose death brought the town’s politics into a turmoil of social drama, who was in the beginning characterized as a do-good-er, that cared for the less-fortunate and helped them to a better path in their lives, had a neglecting side to him, forgetting about loved ones back at home that needed his immediate attention.

“He gave everything to everybody. Except to me.”
― J.K. RowlingThe Casual Vacancy

Everyone has secrets but;

Secrets can break you and sometimes make you.

From the secret that broke down an old woman’s spirit to a young girl’s secret actually getting her the relief she always needed.

“Things denied, things untold, things hidden and disguised.”
― J.K. RowlingThe Casual Vacancy

After reading the book, it made me wonder, what is life? What is human life?

Other than sheer selfishness that always has a disgusting stench of unintentional cruelty to others. 

“It was strange how your brain could know what your heart refused to accept.”
― J.K. RowlingThe Casual Vacancy

The thought that if anyone who saw that little boy dirty wandering aimlessly alone, would have stopped and talked to him, he might not have ended up dead.

The grass is greener the other side

Jealousy, human life is always so filled with jealousy, with people wishing they had what others had.
Like one character, Gavin, actually wishing he had his best friend’s life, totally not aware of the bliss he had till it’s gone.

“He dreamed of London and of a life that mattered.”
― J.K. RowlingThe Casual Vacancy

Hope Street

Even a street name can resemble the hope of a child’s dream for a stable, loving and caring life.

“Was it love when somebody filled a space in your life that yawned inside you, once they had gone?”
― J.K. RowlingThe Casual Vacancy


All through the story, there was this young character that seemed to be on the path to search for pure authenticity, with the tragic ending that nothing is authentic anymore.
What we consider normal, is not normal.
All houses have secrets and everyone has murderous thoughts.
We all are deranged in our own way, from indifference to prejudice to desperation.
That is the NORMAL.

“You must accept the reality of other people. You think that reality is up for negotiation, that we think it’s whatever you say it is. You must accept that we are as real as you are; you must accept that you are not God.”
― J.K. RowlingThe Casual Vacancy


Breaking the LAW

The only time I ever got close to breaking the law, was when I broke the speed limit while driving.
Sometimes, it is because the stupid law putters or whatever they are called, put a very slow speed limit for a well-known highway.
Here in Egypt, I feel they mean to put such speed limits to piss the drivers off, and get money out of our pockets.
Anyway, I do get caught by camera when I am not concentrating, since everyone in Egypt know where the cameras are. 😛

Other than that, that is the closest thing I got to being a law-breaker. :$