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Long time no write!

It has been a while since I last wrote in my blog!

2014 has been pretty hard on me and my family!

Not pretty! Horribly hard!

Thanks to a friend who just started her own blog, she kind of forced me back to WordPress.
I checked her posts to support her.
And thought, why did I stop doing it.
I need to write more! It helped me a lot!


Here is a thanks to a great friend, who I believe in deeply! And will always try to show her my support :D:


you Go Girl!

Story Snippets

I always wondered if I should choose a certain topic or theme and stick with it on my blog.
I was wondering if it is a waste writing like this.

Then a friend of mine wrote me a comment on how she enjoys my “Story Snippets” I write on my blog.
And that is when I was thankful for great friends like her.

I always enjoyed writing about anything and everything.
And my blog will always be simply about different and various stories, either it is about something I like, something I care about, something I hate, or even something that scares me.

My posts are simple and small “Story Snippets” from my daily life (Hint: Daily Ventures 😉 )

I enjoy writing them and I hope you MY DEAR READER enjoy reading them 😀