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Long time no write!

It has been a while since I last wrote in my blog!

2014 has been pretty hard on me and my family!

Not pretty! Horribly hard!

Thanks to a friend who just started her own blog, she kind of forced me back to WordPress.
I checked her posts to support her.
And thought, why did I stop doing it.
I need to write more! It helped me a lot!


Here is a thanks to a great friend, who I believe in deeply! And will always try to show her my support :D:


you Go Girl!

15 Days For 27

I was asked from a friend why have I changed….

I was surprised because I did not feel changed or did not intend to change my behaviour with him…

I asked him why are you saying that and he said he misses me motivating him and supporting him in the weirdest times ever (when he really needs it but never said so, Psychic me at the work there)

And I told him I did not mean it, probably caught up with work and family business….

SO, for that, hear it goes, one motivational picture quote for you my dear friend 😀


“Be The Change You Want To See In The World; Gandhi”