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Blogging Trophies! Posting Goals :D

I know it has been a while since I blogged (as frequent as before I mean) and checking out the dashboard and settings and so on, I noticed many changes have been done.

For a change, I liked them, I usually hate any changes made in any of the virtual account systems, usually.

I loved this change!

And I definitely like the trophies page 😀

I am a prolific publisher as it says 😛

blogging trophies

Checking my settings I see the Posting Goals option, WoW :O impressed, I loved the idea, and checked it to be once a week 😉

Posting Goal

For once someone did something RIGHT 😀



In just the first five months of 2013, and not by blogging every day, I tell you, sometimes I will go for days without thinking of adding something.
Out of Laziness mostly, not because I ran out of ideas, I seem never too.
I got me 888 visitors to my blog the past 5 months; easily surpassing my 2010 and 2011 number of visitors.
In 5 months I was able to get more visitors than I did in 12 months in previous two years.

UK ~ The Day Before My Visa Application Interview

If you have read my previous two posts; UK ~ Application Horror and UK ~ Booking a Visa Appointment; you would know that I have been applying or going through the procedure to attain my UK visa to be able to travel there by the end of this month.

So, commonly yesterday I went to the Kodak center to double-check that I have the correct photograph size and criteria  Yes! I went to double-check! Actually it was more of a triple check.

While; today I relied on the day for making sure “AGAIN” that I have all of the needed documents ready. Guess what I stupidly done!

I kept on postponing the task of printing out my application form to the point I totally forgot about it :S

YES! I nearly FORGOT completely!

Thanks to my checklist I had made; I would have went to my interview and would have shown up like an IDIOT

with one less important and needed document.

Oh the HORROR! Of my stupidity!

*By the way I am writing up this post without even printing the application form yet. PRIORITIZE! 

Saying that; I got to leave you guys now and GO PRINT IT OUT!